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If you are in search of an exclusive space, away from the crowd, then the Birdcage Balcony is for you! Situated above the Palace Hotel, offering a revamped, cantilevered balcony with a pop up bar (Friday and Saturday nights), lounge and dining areas. Open to anyone that wants an inviting area to kick back with a drink in hand, enjoy a satisfying meal or social gathering with friends. Offering cool tunes by local artists and FREE hire for functions and soirees for up to 85 people (conditions apply).
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Your food will include our breakfast menu starting at 7:30 am on weekdays and at 8 am on Saturdays. Our pizza, burgers and bistro items are served starting at 10 am. A pop-up bar is available Friday and Saturday nights starting at 5 pm.

Choose from our variety of food and entertainment options and we’ll build a package around your budget. There’s no fee for the room hire. Let our experienced hosts help you create an event plan that meets all of your needs.
We’ll take care of everything to ensure you are able to enjoy a good time with your friends and family. Our friendly staff will be there to make sure your event runs smoothly. Don’t worry about clean-up, we take care of that too.
Contact us today to save the date for your next event.
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Whatever you want, we'll provide it

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